“I am always so grateful for what you have helped me achieve in life. I am a senior and graduating from Wesleyan university in May. I am fully employed and moving to New York next year to work at a bank on Wall street. I could not have been this successful without all your help and support throughout high school and life. I cannot thank you enough.”


“Tila is an excellent Educational Therapist. She advocates for her clients at school and offers strategies to parents at home.  She helps her clients learn who have problems with organization and attention by helping them reach higher levels of self-esteem. Tila is a remarkable educator and Educational Therapist with a heart of gold.”

–Steve Foreman, MD, Referring Psychiatrist

“Tila was instrumental in helping our son following his concussion get his executive functioning skills and academic performance back to normal, and in fact to improve them tremendously.  She served as a great coach and facilitator for him and was an extraordinary intermediary to help us understand the progress and developments without our having to hover or helicopter.”

-E.S., Parent

“I have referred several clients to Tila and they have all benefitted greatly from her work ethic, professionalism, and demeanor. Tila has a warm, approachable style and quickly establishes rapport with students and parents alike. Students love her friendly, warm style, while parents love that she offers support and consultation on matters related to academic achievement and emotional well-being. Tila works closely with everyone involved in the student’s academic life; parents, teachers, administrators, tutors, and therapists. I have seen Tila help students achieve great success, helping them not only academically but also with their self-esteem!”

-Jodi Engstrom, PsyD, Referring Psychologist

“Before I worked with Tila I thought I was a bad student. Tila helped me realize that I could make my life easier by practicing some basic organizational skills. With her guidance, I was able to study more efficiently, which improved my grades, my confidence, and my desire to learn. I am now enrolled in a highly technical master’s program, and the skills I learned and practiced with Tila remain crucial to my success.”

-Davi S., Former Client

“As a writing instructor and humanities tutor, I have worked closely with Tila through a handful of shared clients over the past five years. Not only is Tila great at what she does, she is also an exceptionally warm and nurturing presence whom I have witnessed bring great benefits to her clients, especially over the course of long-term relationships. She is also a pleasure to work with as a colleague when part of a support team of educators and professionals, and brings a remarkable degree of loving oversight and organizational acumen to the shared objectives of a group.”

-Nick Grossenbacher, writing instructor

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Photo Source: By King of Hearts (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons